Friday, May 03, 2013

Poughkeepsie Here We Come!

New Stock for the upcoming show:
CB Veiled Chameleons - Well Started
European Stock Veiled Chameleons - Incredible Colors
Jackson's Chameleons
Brazilian Rainbow Boas
Colombian Rainbow Boas
Kenyan Sand Boas
  Normal - bright oranges!
  Albino Anerythristic - these are awesome!
Spotted Pythons - Cute babies
Ball Pythons
  Adult Males - Ghost, Pinstripe, YB, Cinni
  Pastel Het Anery, Het Albino
 Whatever else I grab...
Radiated Ratsnakes - Normal, albino
Korean Ratsnake - One Albino
Albino African House Snake
CB Jeweled Lacertas - Wait 'til these color up!!!!
Green Basilisks
Leopard Geckos - Blizzard, Choc Alb, Snow, High Color, Leucistic, Hypo
Clown Tree Frogs
Zebra Reed Frogs
Tomato Frogs - Fat! Red!
Giant Pixie Frogs - small and medium
Horned Frogs - Albino, Green, Ornate
Brooks Kings - Normal, Ghost, Albino
Goini Kings
California Kings
Arizona Mtn King
Albino Speckled King
Western Hognose - All Hets; albino, anery, hypo
Hypo Pueblan Milk
Albino Checkered Garters
Tarantulas - GBB, Rosehair, Chaco, Copper, Mex Red Knee, More...
Bearded Dragons - a few High end males
Water Dragons
Mountain Horned Dragons
Steppe Runners
Colombian Black & White Tegus
Fish Scale Geckos
Short Finger Geckos
White Lined Geckos
Gargoyle Geckos


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