Saturday, January 05, 2013

Headed to White Plains

and I'll have the following: Arizona Mountain Kings - eating well on pinkies! Trans Pecos Rats - Blonde phase beauties Rhino Rats - last pair until next year! California Kings - a nice selection... Variable Kings - 2011 pair Pastel female Ball Pinstripe Male Ball Enchi Male Ball Het Red Axanthics - thinking of holding these, they're looking cool, hmmm... Hognose - Anaconda Phase, Het albino, 66% alb het, normal Irian Jaya Carpet babies - Pure! and Awesome! Jungle Carpet - One Left Brooks Kings - Albino, ghost, jelly, normal Kenyan Sand Boas - Peppered, Anery, Albino, Normal (nice oranges!) Brazilian Rainbow Boa - One Left! Beautiful!! Colombian Rainbow Boa Spotted Python Children's Python Assorted Corns Crested geckos Gargoyle Geckos - Striped reds Leopard Geckos - a nice assortment Flying Geckos Bearded Dragons Steppe Runners White's Treefrogs Pac Man Frogs Pixie Frogs Greek Tortoise Stop By and Say Hi!!


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