Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lots of Crested Geckos and One Last Gargoyle in Stock!

One Gargoyle left! Many Crested Geckos to choose from!

Children's Python With Eggs

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Headed to White Plains

and I'll have the following: Arizona Mountain Kings - eating well on pinkies! Trans Pecos Rats - Blonde phase beauties Rhino Rats - last pair until next year! California Kings - a nice selection... Variable Kings - 2011 pair Pastel female Ball Pinstripe Male Ball Enchi Male Ball Het Red Axanthics - thinking of holding these, they're looking cool, hmmm... Hognose - Anaconda Phase, Het albino, 66% alb het, normal Irian Jaya Carpet babies - Pure! and Awesome! Jungle Carpet - One Left Brooks Kings - Albino, ghost, jelly, normal Kenyan Sand Boas - Peppered, Anery, Albino, Normal (nice oranges!) Brazilian Rainbow Boa - One Left! Beautiful!! Colombian Rainbow Boa Spotted Python Children's Python Assorted Corns Crested geckos Gargoyle Geckos - Striped reds Leopard Geckos - a nice assortment Flying Geckos Bearded Dragons Steppe Runners White's Treefrogs Pac Man Frogs Pixie Frogs Greek Tortoise Stop By and Say Hi!!