Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some New Things

The following is a list of some new stuff that has become available:

Jungle Carpet Pythons CB 08
Jungle x Diamond Cross CB 08 - One left
Coastal Carpet Pythons CB 08
Red Blood Python CB 09
Opal Corn CB 08
Coral Snow Corn CB 08
Thayeri (Variable) Kingsnake CB 08
California Kingsnakes CB
Brazilian Rainbow CB 08 - Last one from last season
Colombian Rainbow CB 08 - These are really nice!
Green Tree Pythons CB 08 - Eating great, vibrant colors

Halmahera Geckos
Giant Day Geckos CB
Baby Savannah Monitors - These are the ones to get, not the imported sub-adults!
Veiled Chameleons CB
Fischer's Chameleons
Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink

And More! Hope to see or hear from you soon. Happy Spring!