Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Salt Water Tanks...FINALLY!

A quick update on the salt section. The main marine fish rack is plumbed and water is running and cycling. As soon as the tanks have had a chance to establish, livestock is soon to follow!! We are as excited as you are.

Columbian Rainbow Boa

This is a beautiful Rainbow Boa, not as colorful as the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, but no less spectacular in it's own right. An under-appreciated snake, this boa likes a warm and humid environment. It will best display the outstanding namesake rainbow sheen on it's scales when viewed in natural sunlight. No picture can do these snakes justice, they must be seen in person.

Fresh Water Fish Tanks are Lookin' Good

We have some great looking fish in the fresh water section of the store. Stop in to see what's new!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Many New Reptiles

We have many new reptiles in stock. I will begin featuring a few of the reptiles here now and again, but for the best selection, call the store or stop in.

Also, the freshwater fish department has some really nice fish available and if you are stocking a pond for the summer pond season, look for some great fish coming soon.

The marine room... well it's hinged on drilling out some tanks and that has finally come to fruition, so big advances should be happening there by the end of the month if not sooner!!