Friday, November 03, 2006

Panther Chameleons

We are working with several localities of Panther Chameleons, including Tamatave, Blue Bar Ambilobe, and Nosey Be Blue. We have eggs from the Tamatave (pictured) and Blue Bars, with the Nosey Be's coming along nicely. The youngster pictured here is just beginning to show some color. If all goes well, babies will be available sometime between January and April.


We are moved out of our old location in Bloomfield and we are gearing up for our opening in Old Avon Village. We are hopeful to be there December 1st. New directions to the store will be posted on the web site (under the "contact" section). It the meantime, check back here for updates.

New Baby Gliders!!

We have two new glider babies. These two little boys have recently made their first appearance from inside mom's pouch and their eyes are just opening. If you are interested in gliders, we currently have a waiting list. These guys may be available around Christmas time! Learn more about Sugar Gliders on our main site.

Albino Nelsons Milksnake

We have a really nice little female albino Nelson's Milksnake. Stunning colors on this little snake. Contact Adam from the main site for more info about her.

Hatching Hondurans

These beautiful Honduran Milksnake babies hatched out a month ago and are eating and growing fast.