Friday, October 18, 2019

We have MOVED! Come see the new location!

Harris in Wonderland has moved to a new location!!  So excited to announce that we are now open at 364 ALBANY TURNPIKE, CANTON CT.

The space is beautiful and we are still getting things set up and finalized, but we are now opoerating out this space!  Please stop by and see for yourself!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Poughkeepsie Here We Come!

New Stock for the upcoming show:
CB Veiled Chameleons - Well Started
European Stock Veiled Chameleons - Incredible Colors
Jackson's Chameleons
Brazilian Rainbow Boas
Colombian Rainbow Boas
Kenyan Sand Boas
  Normal - bright oranges!
  Albino Anerythristic - these are awesome!
Spotted Pythons - Cute babies
Ball Pythons
  Adult Males - Ghost, Pinstripe, YB, Cinni
  Pastel Het Anery, Het Albino
 Whatever else I grab...
Radiated Ratsnakes - Normal, albino
Korean Ratsnake - One Albino
Albino African House Snake
CB Jeweled Lacertas - Wait 'til these color up!!!!
Green Basilisks
Leopard Geckos - Blizzard, Choc Alb, Snow, High Color, Leucistic, Hypo
Clown Tree Frogs
Zebra Reed Frogs
Tomato Frogs - Fat! Red!
Giant Pixie Frogs - small and medium
Horned Frogs - Albino, Green, Ornate
Brooks Kings - Normal, Ghost, Albino
Goini Kings
California Kings
Arizona Mtn King
Albino Speckled King
Western Hognose - All Hets; albino, anery, hypo
Hypo Pueblan Milk
Albino Checkered Garters
Tarantulas - GBB, Rosehair, Chaco, Copper, Mex Red Knee, More...
Bearded Dragons - a few High end males
Water Dragons
Mountain Horned Dragons
Steppe Runners
Colombian Black & White Tegus
Fish Scale Geckos
Short Finger Geckos
White Lined Geckos
Gargoyle Geckos

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lots of Crested Geckos and One Last Gargoyle in Stock!

One Gargoyle left! Many Crested Geckos to choose from!

Children's Python With Eggs

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Headed to White Plains

and I'll have the following: Arizona Mountain Kings - eating well on pinkies! Trans Pecos Rats - Blonde phase beauties Rhino Rats - last pair until next year! California Kings - a nice selection... Variable Kings - 2011 pair Pastel female Ball Pinstripe Male Ball Enchi Male Ball Het Red Axanthics - thinking of holding these, they're looking cool, hmmm... Hognose - Anaconda Phase, Het albino, 66% alb het, normal Irian Jaya Carpet babies - Pure! and Awesome! Jungle Carpet - One Left Brooks Kings - Albino, ghost, jelly, normal Kenyan Sand Boas - Peppered, Anery, Albino, Normal (nice oranges!) Brazilian Rainbow Boa - One Left! Beautiful!! Colombian Rainbow Boa Spotted Python Children's Python Assorted Corns Crested geckos Gargoyle Geckos - Striped reds Leopard Geckos - a nice assortment Flying Geckos Bearded Dragons Steppe Runners White's Treefrogs Pac Man Frogs Pixie Frogs Greek Tortoise Stop By and Say Hi!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White Plains Show

As we get closer to the White Plains reptile expo on January 6th 2013, I will post some of the available animals here that we will be bringing along. Some things that we have available now will be sold prior to the holidays, so I don't want to jump the gun too soon.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nocturnal Animals Program

Our educational program on Nocturnal Animals (Rescheduled from Oct 28th storm!) will be January 28th, 2013 at the Simsbury Library. Sign up is required and space is limited! Please contact the Simsbury library if you are interested!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

New Reptile Arrivals

New Arrivals: Rhino Iguana - Cute baby, won't last long! **Panther Chameleons - Only a few will be made available this month!! Red Foot Tortoises Greek Tortoise Hermann's Tortoise Carpet Pythons - Several to choose from Milky Frogs - Beautiful captive bred babies!! Horned Frogs Pixie Frogs Some are special orders, new arrivals may be on sale this month just in time for the Holidays!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fish Update!

The freshwater tanks are currently being re-set all anew! We are about half way done and new fish are being added as we go. We have some cool additions and now is a great time to stop by and see what's in. Time to freshen up that tank before the holiday party!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hog-nosed snake update.

First we want to inform you that we will be posting updates regularly so stay posted. Now next season we should have some nice hognoses double het for snow. We will also find out if the axanthic male in this photo is het for albino or not. Currently we have some of this years hatchlings still available  in the shop. A few normals possible 50% and 66%  het for albino and some anaconda phase  50% het for albino. If your looking for albinos, you just missed out because the last one just went home with his new owner. We will keep you posted as next season  fast approaches. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The incubators are filling up nicely this season! We hope to produce our usual corns, bearded dragons, geckos and such, with a few surprises in the mix!